Dear Students;


Please be notified that Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has serious concerns over the respiratory illness related to environmental toxins on the rise with increasing air pollution and therefore entire schools and colleges throughout country remains close on 17,18,19,20 Chaitra 2077.

It is due to air pollution that has hazardous level gripped over Kathmandu as haze engulfs the entire valley and other parts of country for last couple of days. College will resume from 22 Chaitra 2077 at regular schedule as for now.

College will offer virtual classes in meanwhile from 17 Chaitra 2077 following regular routine at Microsoft teams platform. Department will however notify prior if there is any changes made in regard to virtual and physical classes.

We urge students to continuously concentrate on their studies at virtual platform till further notice. Stay safe taking precautions!

Thank you!

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