With the motto “The Lighthouse for Your Future”, Texas College of Management & IT and Texas Int’l College had conducted ‘Texas Management & IT Career Fair -2019’ on 28th August in the college premises. On the same day the college had also conducted the program ‘Texas Management and IT Award Ceremony’.The winners of the award ceremony were awarded on 6th September,2019.

The program commenced after the arrival of CEO “Bhesh Raj Pokhrel” and Professor “Dr.Govinda P. Acharya”. Both of them stated their words for all the students & staffs present inside the Texas Auditorium Hall. The Jury Panel was also given ‘The Token of Love’, for their presence and vital role. Among all the participants 10 of them were marked as the winners. So, the winners were awarded with certificate and cash-prize.

The students won the awards are listed below with their respected award’s title and category:

Texas College of Management & IT

Name of The Students Title of The Awards Category

Mr.Saurav Ghimire :Texas Graphics Award Graphics Design

Ms.Qumari Pulami : Texas Excellence Award in Volunteerism Volunteerism

Mr.Sudip Nakarmi : Texas Entrepreneurial Award Startup/Entrepreneur

Mr.Rabi Thakulla Texas Idea Incubation Award Startup/Entrepreneur

Texas International College

Name of The

Students/Team Title of The Awards Category

Spinyware : Texas Best Startup Award Startup/Entrepreneur

Smart Question Generator : Texas Best IT Project Award Final Project

Mr. Rojan Upreti : Texas Best IT Article Award Creative Writing

Mr.Subit Dhakal : Texas Best IT Mini Project Award Mini Project

Mr.Pradip Shrestha : Texas Best IT Animation Award Animation

Mr.Baibhav Basnet : Texas Best IT Graphics & Multimedia Award Graphics & Multimedia

As Francis Bacon stated, “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”, all the participants did the same. They grabbed the huge opportunity than Texas had provided and proved themselves.

Texas Education Network promises for bringing up even more varieties of programs in the upcoming days which helps to build the root of a student’s life indestructible, superb and secured.

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