Institutional Background

Texas Int’l College, which has been running excellently under Texas Int’l Education Network(2009), is a dynamic educational institution with outstanding academic programs (+2level) in Science, Management, Humanities, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. Texas has been founded with a set of academicians and entrepreneurs to meet the rising demand for qualified and skilled human resources in the field of Management, Hotel Management, and Science & Technology. Since its very inception, Texas remains as an invitation to learning by both theory and practice.

Texas BBM
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is a course of 4 years, 8 semester  ofTribhuvan University, faculty of management. Each semester constitute of 16 weeks of intensive study. The program covers 120 credit hours.Students who want to enroll for BBM Program must pass the CMAT examination. The BBM program of Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University is designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future. The BBM graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management, within constantly changing and highly competitive national and global business environment. This course has been designed with the objective of producing middle-level managerial human resources in the various areas.

  • Research based and integrated teaching pedagogy
  • Professional career counseling (PCC)
  • Continuous assessment system (CAS)
  • Model classes with the use of multimedia and IT
  • Project work and paper presentation
  • Seminar paper  presentation
  • Banking tanning and personality development orientation
  • Banking internship based the performance in the internal assessment
  • Counseling on banking and insurance management and higher studies
  • Recommendation for accounts/ banking training package.
  • Counseling and recommendation for job placement and abroad studies
  • Exposure to different industries and corporate houses

Semester Cycle
Semester I: 15 Credit Hours
1. ECO 211: Introductory Microeconomics
2. ENG 211: English I
3. MGT 201: Principles of Management
4. MTH 211: Business Mathematics I
5. SOC 201: Sociology for Business
Semester II: 15 Credit Hours
1. ACC 201: Financial Accounting
2. ECO 212: Introductory Macroeconomics
3. ENG 212: English II
4. MTH 212: Business Mathematics II
5. PSY 201: Psychology
Semester III: 15 Credit Hours
1. ACC 211: Computer Based Financial Accounting
2. ENG 213: Business Communications
3. FIN 211: Basic Finance
4. SOC 202: Nepalese Society and Politics
5. STT 211: Business Statistics
Semester IV: 15 Credit Hours
1. ACC 212: Accounting for Decision Making
2. FIN 212: Financial Management
3. MGT 202: Human Resource Management
4. MKT 201: Fundamentals of Marketing
5. RCH 201: Business Research Methods
Semester V: 15 Credit Hours
1. ACC 213: Corporate Taxation in Nepal
2. Focus Area Course I
3. MGT 203: Organizational Behavior
4. MGT 205: Operations Management
5. MGT 214: Legal Environment of Business
Semester VI: 15 Credit Hours
1. Focus Area Course II
2. IT 212: Database Management
3. MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal
4. MGT 207: International Business
5. MGT 209: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Semester VII: 15 Credit Hours
1. Elective Course I
2. Focus Area Course III
3. Focus Area Course IV
4. IT 211: E-commerce
5. MGT 208: Business Strategy
Semester VIII: 15 Credit Hours
1. Elective Course II
2. Elective Course III
3. Focus Area Course V
4. Project Report Writing Or Internship