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10 Aug

Free CMAT & CSIT entrance preparation classes.

  • Mahima Thakulla
Prepare with us and start on a journey of academic achievement and personal growth.
With our dedicated faculty, comprehensive curriculum, and student-centric approach, we provide all FREE CMAT & CSIT entrance preparation classes.
Let’s work together to turn your aspirations into accomplishments.

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7 Jul
Congratulations to the New Executive Committee of the Texas College Alumni!

We welcome our newly appointed executive committee members to the Texas College Alumni Association. Your dedication, vision, and leadership herald a promising future for our alumni community. It was wonderful to witness our recent alumni gathering, where the happiness and camaraderie among our graduates were truly inspiring. We were pleased to see our students happy. […]

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11 Jun
Texas Career Fair-2024 Showcases Opportunities and Talent

June 7, 2024 – The Texas International Education Network (TIEN) successfully organized the Texas Career Fair, a major event that saw enthusiastic participation from students and companies alike. Ms. Shreeya Giri, a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree known for her entrepreneurial achievements, inaugurated the event. The fair drew 1,000 students and featured 58 prominent companies […]

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6 Jun
An invitation to our students for tomorrow: Texas Career Fair 2024

Join us at the Texas Career Fair 2024! With over 50 companies participating, this is your chance to explore, connect, and succeed. Discover incredible job and internship opportunities designed for students of the Texas International Education Network. A special thanks to all the companies for joining our event and supporting our students’ futures!

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29 May
Story Telling Session with Mr.Saigrace Pokhrel at Texas International College

Texas International Edu Network wants to give a big shoutout to the incredible Mr. Saigrace Pokhrel! His storytelling session wasn’t just informative, it was a blast! From the moment he began, Mr. Pokhrel captivated the audience with his engaging tales and soothing storytelling style. Laughter filled the room as he captivated everyone with engaging tales […]

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26 May
Orientation for Texas Toppers’ Talk organized by Kapan Online

Texas International College is pleased to announce the successful completion of an orientation session held today for students participating in the upcoming Texas Toppers’ Talk organized by Kapan Online. This informative session served as an excellent platform for participants to connect with one another, gain valuable insights into the event itself, and prepare for a […]

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Entrepreneur Support Program (ESP) organized by Texas International College and supported by the University Grants Commission (UGC)

The Entrepreneur Support Program (ESP) organized by Texas International College and supported by the University Grants Commission (UGC) has concluded successfully after 12 days of intensive sessions. Throughout the program, students had the invaluable opportunity to interact with various industry experts and entrepreneurs, gaining insights and guidance on navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.This program was more […]

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