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4 Mar


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Slogan “Sports for Health”

This is to notify to all the students of TEXAS from all the departments that the TEXAS ANNUAL ECA MEET-2078 is going to be held from 24th to 28th Falgun, 2078. The students are informed that the following table; Detailed information about the date and time of the events. The students or the team, who are not present on the given time and the place, they will automaticallydisqualify for the competition and further round. Therefore, students are informed to register their name in the front desk by 21stof Falgun between 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

No Events Date  Time Place Concerned Person Remarks
1 Marathon Falgun 24 7:00-8:00am TIC to Dhumbarahi BRP,KPD,PK,OB Individual only 300 students (First come first entry)
2 Elocution Falgun 24 10:00 am onwards TCMIT Hall AL,DB, SK,RT,SaT 5 minutes for each participant;  Language: English only
3 Chess Falgun 24 11:00 am onwards TCMIT Hall SaT, RA, SD, YRS,ST Detailed tie sheet will be published later
4 Essay Falgun 24 8:00-9:00 am TIC AL,PA, BG,LK,SK Essay Topic ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Education’ in English (500-750 words)
5 Poem Falgun 25 9:30-10:30 am TCMIT,Hall LG,PA,HN,KS,SB,AL Nepali poems
6 Cricket Falgun 24-25 10:00 am onwards Sifal Ground OB,CR,SD,SLS,PK,UD Detailed Tieshit will be published.
7 Basketball Falgun 25 8:00 am onwards Sifal PK,SLS, OB,SLS Detailed tie sheet will be published later
8 Table Tennis Falgun 24 7:00 am 10:00 am TCMIT SD,NK, SLS,SS,KP Detailed tie sheet will be published later; time can slightly be modified
9 Sketch Falgun 25 8:00 am 10:00 am TCMIT Hall SK, ST, AC, KP Detailed tie sheet will be published later
10 Futsal Falgun 25,26 10:30 am onwards Dhanyentari Sports Club, PK,OB, RS,SS,SSB, NA,SLS Detailed tie sheet will be published later
11 Badminton Falgun 25 8:00-10:00 am TIC Premises NP, SD, NP,SB,RP Detailed tie sheet will be published later
12 Volleyball Falgun 25 7:00 am onwards TIC Premises SS, PK, OB, SS, PUSPA Detailed tie sheet will be published later
13 Quiz Falgun 25 7:00-10:30 am TCMT Hall RT, RP, NA,  RA, YRS, PA, DL, SaT Categories: History/Geography, Sports/Entertainment, Science/IT, Current Issues, Literature, Audio
14 Photography Falgun 24 8:00-10:00 am TCMIT Hall SK, KP, ST, AC,NB Sports meet photography
15 Texas Idol


Falgun 26, 27 11:00 am onwards TIC Premises SSS, BRP,  NP, SK,AL,PK,OB Nepali songs only (only in track): the students will manage their track for songs themselves
16 Dancing Falgun 26,27 11:00 am onwards TIC Premises SSS, BRP,  NP,SK,AL,PK,OB Nepali songs only (only in track ): the students will manage their track and dress themselves; Individual or dual dance



Individual Registration: Poem, Elocution, TT, Chess, Badminton and Essay

  1. Team:
  2. Quiz: Each Section of any grade only one team of 3 person
  3. Basketball:(1 team = 9 members) /Futsal: (1 team = 9 members)/Volleyball: (1 team = 9 members)
  4. +2 Science 4 teams (2 teams from XI and 2 teams from XII)
  5. +2 Management, Law and Humanities 8 teams (4 teams from XI and 4 teams from XII)
  6. BBS:3 Teams
  7. BSW: 2 Teams
  8. BBA: 3 Teams
  9. BCA: 2Team
  10. CSIT: 2Teams
  11. MBA: 1 Team
  12. BIT: I sem (2 teams)/ seniors (6 teams)
  13. BCS: 2 Team
  14. BBM: 2Team
  15. MBS: 1 Team
  16. BHM: 2 Team
  • For Team registration each team members must take registration form from reception, they must submit form after pasting their photos and verification from their respective department.
  1. ID card is compulsory for each team members. In absence of card team member should bring recommendation letter in college letter head from their respective departments.
  2. All the news and notice regarding the event will be provided from our websites, and Facebook pages.
  3. If Any confusion call Prabin Khadka, Event Manager 9801644462.





AC- Ananta Chalise

AL- Agni Luitel

BRP- Bhesh Raj Pokhrel

CR- ChiranRayamajhi

DB- Deepak Bastola

DL- Dhruba Luitel

HN- Hitananda Niroula

KP- Kumar Poudel

KPD-Krishna PdDangal

KS- Krishna Shrestha

LK- Laxmi Khanal

MB- Mahesh Bam

NK- NeelamKunwar

NP- Narayan Pokhrel

OB- Omkar Basnet

PA- Parichaya Adhikari

PK- PrabinKhadka

PS- Pratish Shrestha

RA- Rajan Acharya

RS- Roshan Shahi

RT- Rajendra Timalsina

SB- SadhuramBaskota

SD- Sanjay Duwadi

SSB- Samir Singh Bhandari

SK- Sarala Karki

SL- Samir Lama

SLS- SauravLamichhane Sharma

SS- SaileshSapkota

SSS-Shyam Sunder Shrestha

ST- SumanThapaliya

UD- UttamDungel

YRS- YubRajSapkota

RP- Rohit Pandey

NA- Nischal Acharya


SB: Sujan Baniya                                                              SaT- Sagar Thapa

NB: NIrajan Basnet                                                                                                                                                                          Yub Raj Basnet


ECA Department


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